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Douc Langur Foundation
Conservation Agency
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Director: Lois Lippold
P. O. Box 23912, San Diego, California 92193 UNITED STATES

Mission: The Douc Langur Foundation is a non profit conservation, research and education organization dedicated to protecting the Douc Langur and their wild habitat to ensure that Doucs will survive in their home ranges for future generations. The foundation is dedicated to the proposition that much can be done to preserve the Douc Langur including habitat conservation, research, education and local community involvement. We believe that if we can protect the Douc Langur we will also be protecting the forest and other species.

Principal Research Programs: We support projects carried out in the forests of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Research projects take place in nature reserves, national parks and forest areas of these three countries. We believe that time is of the essence for the conservation of Douc Langurs and we need to learn more about the Douc Langur in its home range. Our aim is to fund research to learn about all aspects of Douc Langur ecology and behavior. We believe that scientific based knowledge is basic to education of the local community. We support educational programs in towns and villages adjacent to areas where Douc Langurs are found. We believe that the local community has a stake in the survival of the Douc Langur. We aim to provide equipment for forest rangers to use to better protect Douc Langurs and the nature reserves in which they work.

Supported Species: Pygathrix cinerea (gray-shanked douc langur), Pygathrix nemaeus (red-shanked douc langur), Pygathrix nigripes (black-shanked douc langur)

Publications: Douc Conservation Newletter is produced twice a year. This publication presents news concerning projects supported by the DLF and discusses positive outcomes of our work. The year end publication contains a basic budget report and names our sponsors unless they want to remain anonymous

Last Updated: 2007-12-10

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