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Conservation Education and Biodiversity in Amazonia (CEHAB)
Conservation Agency

Institution: Ohio State University
Affiliations: Ohio State University; EcoCiencia-The Ecuadorian Foundation for Ecological Studies

Mission: CEHAB is a multidisciplinary environmental research study of the Amazon River basin centered at the Cuyabeno Fauna Reserve in the Ecuadorian Oriente. CEHAB consists of groups who partake in or support ongoing research. These groups include: The Ohio State University, Transturi, EcoCiencia and the indigenous Cofan Community. This multidisciplinary assemblage of faculty, graduate students and non-governmental organizations(NGOs) encourages and supports the protection and wise use of environmental resources. Information garnered from this extensive study will be translated into action for conservation education, human development and well-being, and protection/sustained use of biologically diverse resources in Amazonia. Its mission is to promote scholarly scientific inquiry, community health and well-being, conservation education and culturally appropriate locally fostered and maintained sustainable resource development in Amazonia.

Principal Research Programs: Spatial Analyses & Conservation of Primate Diversity; Biomedical/Human Adaptation Studies; Cultural Anthropological & Human Ecological Studies; Conservation Education/Environmental Issues

Associated Field Sites: Cuyabeno Fauna Reserve, Ecuador

Supported Species: Lagothrix lagotricha (Humboldt's woolly monkey), Pithecia monachus (monk saki)

Last Updated: 2000-07-31

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