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Fundação O Boticário de Proteção à Natureza (Established 1990)
Conservation Agency
Web Site:

Director: Maria de Lourdes Nunes
Phone: 55 41 3340 2636   Fax: 55 41 3340 2635   E-Mail:
Rua Goncalves Dias, 225 Batel, Curitiba, Parana 80240-340 BRAZIL

Mission: To promote and take actions to conserve nature in Brazil.

Principal Research Programs: Fundacao o Boticario de Protecao a Natureza supports projects on primates, as well as other classes of animals, all over Brazil. The projects are developed by universities' and NGO's researchers, and until 2006 the organization have already granted more than 1,000 projects in the country.

Training Opportunities: TYraining courses on nature conservation. Please visit website for further information.

Publications: Natureza & Conservacao (Nature & Conservation) biannual journal, bilingual.

Comments: O Boticário Foundation for Nature Protection

Last Updated: 2006-07-26

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