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12101 Johnny Cake Ridge Road, Apple Valley, Minnesota 55124 UNITED STATES
Affiliations: Species Survival Commission, IUCN-World Conservation Union

Mission: As part of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the IUCN-World Conservation Union, to advise the IUCN, SSC and other SSC Specialist Groups on the intensive management of small populations in the wild and the uses of captive propagation for conservation, in accordance with the IUCN Policy Statement on Captive Breeding; To assist conservation of threatened animals and plant species through scientific management of small populations in wild habitats, with linkage to captive populations where needed.

Principal Research Programs: (1) Conservation Assessment and Management Plans (CAMPs): CAMPs allow evaluation of all species and subspecies in a broad group (such as primates) or region to determine global priorities for intensive conservation, based primarily on status and distribution in the wild. Intensive conservation action includes: intensive care in the wild, collaborative research between field and captive communities, captive breeding, and Population and Habitat Viability Assessments. An important product of the CAMP process is a Global Captive Action Recommendation (GCAR), which guides the establishment of strategic priorities for captive program development and resource allocation. (2) Population and Habitat Viability Analysis (PHVA): PHVA is a method of assessing the extinction risk for a species and developing management recommendations to enhance long-term survival. PHVA workshops are conducted in the range area of the species at the invitation of and in collaboration with the wildlife agencies responsible. Also included in the PHVA process is an evaluation of the status of the species in captivity, possible plans for reintroduction, and problems requiring collaborative research. (3) Genome Resource Banking: Genome resource banking provides a powerful tool that prevents the loss of biodiversity and facilitates regulated genetic exchange among managed populations. Recent advances in reproductive technology include low-temperature storage or banking of sperm, eggs, embryos, and other genetic material to help preserve genetic diversity. CBSG is leading and coordinating international genome resource banking efforts for species at risk. CBSG coordinates animal genome resource banking activities within the IUCN-Species Survival Commission and among regional captive propagation groups, integrating these banks into the framework of long-term species management plans.

Publications: "CBSG News" (quarterly)

Comments: The Conservation Breeding Specialist Group is a global network of individuals with expertise in species recovery planning, small population biology, reproductive and behavioral biology, captive animal management, and other disciplines.

Last Updated: 2002-11-22

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