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European Marmoset Research Group (Established 1992)
Professional Society
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Affiliations: The Zoological Society of London; The Primate Society of Great Britain; Fisions UK Ltd.; Special Diet Services Ltd.

Mission: The objectives of the EMRG include: 1) to identify the needs, capabilities, and susceptibilities of marmosets and tamarins; 2) to optimise the laboratory maintenance and experimental procedures performed on marmosets and tamarins telative to their needs, capabilities, and susceptibilities; 3) to act as a forum for multidisciplinary information exchange via the organization of workshops and publications as well as affiliation to and interaction with other organizations; and 4) to identify the suitability of marmosets and tamarins for fundamental and applied research compared with other primate and non-primate species.

Publications: "Callinews"

Last Updated: 2006-12-06

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