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Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Studies (Established 1993)
Conservation Agency

Director: Jatna Surpiatna
Phone: 62 (21) 786-3431   Fax: 62 (21) 786-3431   E-Mail:
Gedung E, Lantai II, Kampus FMIPA, Depok, West Java 16424 INDONESIA
Department: Biology
Institution: University of Indonesia

Mission: Research on biodiversity of Indonesia biota including primates, especially in the area of genetics, ecology, behavior through policy and management

Principal Research Programs: Primate Genetics Analysis of gibbons, Sulawesi macaques and Tarsius; Ecology and behavior of Javan gibbons and Sulawesi macaque Ecology of the Natuna Leaf Monkey Presbytis natunae, Ecology of the Javan Slow Lorris Nycticebus javanus

Training Opportunities: Educational opportunities available for Graduate, Professional; Field work opportunities available; Program emphasis: Conservation genetics, Restoration ecology, Primate ecology; Financial suuport is occasionally available; Note: The Center hosts a graduate program in ecology and conservational biology

Number of Staff: 15

Associated Field Sites: Gunung Halium Research Station, Halium National Park, West Java. Focus: Javan gibbon ecology and behavior, Javan slow lorris ecology and population studies; Puncak Beringin Research Station. Focus: Sulawesi macaque ecology and behavior

Last Updated: 2007-03-26

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