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Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (Established 1960)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program
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Director: Jon Levine
Phone: 1 (608) 263-3500   Fax: 1 (608) 263-4031 (administrative); 1 (608) 265-4729 (staff)  
1220 Capitol Court, Madison, Wisconsin 53715-1299 UNITED STATES
Department: University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School
Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Affiliations: National Institutes of Health - National Center for Research Resources

Mission: Fundamental research in primate biology with relevance to human and animal health. Research is pursued at molecular, cellular, systemic, whole animal and environmental levels, including projects in conservation biology.

Principal Research Programs: Research Areas: Aging and Metabolic Diseases, Immunogenetics and Immonology, Reproduction and Development, Neurobiology, Physiological Ethology, Psychobiology. Some areas of research focus: aging and dietary restriction, embryonic stem cells, AIDS vaccine research, women's health (polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, infertility), disorders of puberty, the aging brain, glaucoma and presbyopia, osteoporosis, Parkinson's, movement disorders, diabetes, obesity, ovulation suppression, biology of fear, other emotions.

Training Opportunities: Educational opportunities available for graduate, professional, other (outreach to precollege students and other interested groups). Program emphasis: Aforementioned research areas. Financial support seldom available. Note: Educational and training opportunities are available to interested graduate and undergraduate students case-by-case. Interested students should submit a research plan to Kate Kaminski, Outreach activities are also considered case-by-case. Contact Jordana Lenon at least one month in advance of planned visit,

Associated Field Sites: Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico, contact Steve Shelton, Psychology, at (free-ranging rhesus colony behavioral/psychobiological research). Natal, Brasil, contact Toni Ziegler, Assay Services, at (collaborating with many scientists doing marmoset field research). Minas Gerais, Brasil, contact Karen Strier, Anthropology, at (muriqui field research). Central and South America, contact Charles Snowdon, Psychology/Zoology, at (numerous species) Quito, Ecuador, contact Stella de la Torre, Behavioral Ecology, at (pygmy marmoset field research)

Publications: "Centerline" (WNPRC scientific activities, biannual); Annual Progress Report, "Primate Pulse" (in-house staff newsletter). "Linking Research to Healthy Living," National Primate Research Centers brochure, WNPRC fact sheets.

Last Updated: 2011-02-10

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