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Southwest National Primate Research Center (Established 1941 - SFBR; 1999 - SNPRC)
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Director: John L. VandeBerg, Ph.D.
Phone: 1 210-258-9882   Fax: 1 210-258-9883  
PO Box 760549 (W. Loop 410 & Military Dr.), San Antonio, Texas 78245-0549 UNITED STATES
Institution: Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Mission: To conduct basic and applied biomedical research in the areas of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, virology and immunology with emphasis on hepatitis and AIDS, genetics and its relationship to disease, cancer, and neonatalogy. To serve as a national resource for investigators in these research areas.

Principal Research Programs: Genetics; Virology (HIV, hepatitis, herpes B, SIV); Immunology; Cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases; Neonatal diseases; Endocrinology

Training Opportunities: We have a summer student internship program that is open to both pre-doctoral and doctoral-level students.

Financial Aid: The internship program provides a stipend.

Number of Staff: 400

Publications: "Progress in Biomedical Research" (quarterly); "The Round-Up" (semi-annual newsletter)

Last Updated: 2013-06-03

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