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Primate Behavior Laboratory (Established 1961)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program
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Director: Leonard A. Rosenblum
Phone: 718 270-1447   Fax: 718 270-3887   E-Mail:
450 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11203 UNITED STATES
Department: Psychiatry
Institution: SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Mission: Study of primate psychosocial, cognitive and neurodevelopment; Development of animal models of psychopathology ; effects of pharmacological interventions Study of the neurochemical, behavioral and cognitive effects of drugs of abuse in social settings;

Training Opportunities: Research training opportunities for medical students and training/dissertation work for graduate students in a wide range of social biological and behavioral sciences; Undergraduate research training, No specific funding unless participation in ongoing funded research projects

Number of Staff: 8

Supported Species: 225 Macaca radiata (bonnet macaque), 25 Saimiri sciureus (common squirrel monkey)

Last Updated: 1998-07-20

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