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Callitrichid Research Center (Established 1983)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program
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Director: Jeffrey A. French
Phone: 1 (402) 554-2558   Fax: 1 (402) 554-3121   E-Mail:
Omaha, Nebraska 68182-0274 UNITED STATES
Department: Dept. of Psychology
Institution: University of Nebraska
Affiliations: Nebraska Behavioral Biology Group

Mission: Basic research on the reproductive biology and behavior of endangered callitrichids (marmosets and tamarins).

Principal Research Programs: Socioendocrinology; Reproduction; Communication (vocal and olfactory); Foraging; Mating systems; Conservation biology

Training Opportunities: Educational opportunities available for: Pre-College, Undergraduate, Graduate; Field work opportunities not available; Program emphasis: Social behavior; Reproduction; Noninvasive endocrine monitoring; Financial support occasionally available

Number of Staff: 8

Supported Species: 30 Callithrix geoffroyi (white-headed marmoset), 12 Callithrix kuhlii (Wied's marmoset), 12 Callithrix penicillata (black-pencilled marmoset)

Last Updated: 2006-07-25

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