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Tai Chimpanzee Project (1979)
Field Study in Africa
Web Site:
Location of Site: COTE D'IVOIRE

Director: Christophe Boesch
Phone: Not provided.   Fax: 00 49 341 99 52 119   E-Mail:
22 Inselstrasse, Leipzig 04 103 GERMANY
Department: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Sponsoring Institution(s): Max Planck Society

Research Objectives: 1- Social behaviour and reproductive strategies of the chimpanzees including the use of genetics, and hormonal techniques. 2- Comparing feeding ecology and social interactions between three habituated chimpanzee groups. 3- Cognitive and cultural abilities in wild chimpanzees. 4- Cross-population studies to understand behavioural diversity in wild chimpanzees.

Field Positions and Volunteers: Opportunities for Master thesis and Ph.D thesis work.

Species Studied: Pan troglodytes verus (Western chimpanzee)

Other Species at Site: Cercocebus atys (sooty mangabey), Cercopithecus campbelli (Campbell's monkey), Cercopithecus diana (diana monkey), Cercopithecus nictitans (greater spot-nosed monkey), Cercopithecus petaurista (lesser white-nosed monkey), Colobus polykomos (king colobus), Galago demidoff (Prince Demidoff's bushbaby), Perodicticus (potto), Piliocolobus badius (western red colobus), Procolobus verus (olive colobus)

Last Updated: 2002-04-18

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