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University of Cambridge
Wildlife Research Group
(Established 1974)
Educational Program

Director: David J Chivers
Phone: 44 (223) 333753/3750   Fax: 44 (223) 333786   E-Mail:
Downing Street, Cambridge, England CB2 3DY UNITED KINGDOM
Department: Anatomy School
Institution: University of Cambridge
Affiliations: University of Cambridge

Mission: Socio-ecology and conservation of tropical rainforest primates and other wildlife in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Venezuela and Brazil. Functional anatomy of feeding in primates and other mammals.

Principal Research Programs: Project Barito Ulu - with Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia: role of fruit eating animals in seed dispersal, in forest regeneration in Central Kalimantan.

Training Opportunities: PhD and MPhil Programmes Opportunities available for graduates; field work opportunities available Program emphasis: socio-ecology; conservation; functional anatomy.

Financial Aid: Occasional Research Council Studentship for UK citizens; Occasional research grants from various sources;

Number of Staff: 10

Associated Field Sites: Barito Ulu, Central Kalimantan, Kerinci-Seblat National Park, and Gunung Leuser Reserve,Sumatra, Bukit Baka (Kalaweit) and Sebangau peat-swamp forest, Central Kalimantan and Wanariset, Meratus Forest Reserve, and Kayan-Mentareng Reserve, East Kalimantan, Indonesia; Assam, India; West Bhanugach Forest Reserve, Bangladesh; Maraca and Manaus reserves, Amazonas, Brazil; reserves in E Brazil; central Vietnam; national parks in Venezuela.

Supported Species: Cebus (capuchin), Hylobates (gibbon), Macaca (macaque), Pongo (orangutan), Presbytis (surili), Trachypithecus (langur)

Comments: We are NOT a primate laboratory!!

Last Updated: 2009-05-25

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