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Centro de Reproducción y Conservación de Primates No Humanos (Established 1976)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program

Director: Enrique Montoya
Phone: 51 (65) 265510   Fax: 51 (65) 265510   E-Mail:
Apartado 621, Iquitos, Iquitos PERU
Affiliations: InstitutoVeterinario de Investigaciones Tropicales y de Altura - Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Letter of understanding between Peruvian Government and Pan American Health Organization

Mission: Research in primate biology, conservation and biodiversity. There are two sets of objectives: (1) adaptation, breeding and production in captivity conditions and monitoring of wild populations in natural habitats. These are for species used in biomedical studies; (2) determination of the status and geographical distribution of endangered species in order to recommend the protection in natural areas. Under both sets of objectives, research on ecology, ethology, pathology, reproduction, genetics, population recovery, and ecodevelopment oriented to diminish deforestation is pursued.

Principal Research Programs: In captivity: Adaptation, management and breeding, local recovery. In the wild: Habitat occupation and restoration, sustainable cropping and capture techniques, home range and territoriality in natural forests, migration and endemism, and ecodevelopment with relevance in agroforestry, associated crops, health and environmental education.

Training Opportunities: In the field stations there are opportunities for study on "Saguinus mystax" in EBPI, "Saimiri sciureus" and "Aotus sp." in Isla Iquitos (lodging in EBPI), "Saguinus labiatus" in EBIM; Callitrichids ("Saguinus" and "Cebuella"), and Cebids ("Pithecia, Cacajao, Lagothrix") in EBQB.

Number of Staff: 30

Associated Field Sites: Estacion Biologica Padre Isla (EBPI) in the Amazon River; Estacion Biologica Isla Muyuy (EBIM) in the Amazon River; Estacion Biologica Quebrada Blanco (EBQB)in the Tahuayo River, Amazon River Basin.

Supported Species: Aotus nancymaae (Peruvian red-necked owl monkey), Aotus vociferans (Spix's owl monkey), Saguinus fuscicollis (saddleback tamarin), Saguinus labiatus (red-chested tamarin), Saguinus mystax (moustached tamarin), Saimiri boliviensis peruviensis (Bolivian squirrel monkey), Saimiri sciureus macrodon (common squirrel monkey)

Publications: "La Primatologia en el Peru" vol I and II (compilation of papers, original reports, and other publications (10 yearly)in Spanish.

Last Updated: 2006-02-08

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