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Pusat Studi Satwa Primata
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program
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Director: Joko Pamungkas
Phone: 62 (251) 320-417, 313-637   Fax: 62 (251) 360-712   E-Mail:
Jalan Lodaya II/5, Bogor, West Java 16151 INDONESIA
Institution: Institut Pertanian Bogor

Mission: Conservation of Indonesian endemic primate species as well as optimizing use of unprotected Indonesian primate species in biomedical research. These two goals are expected to be accomplished through collaborations with other related institutions in and outside of Indonesia.

Principal Research Programs: (1) Breeding of primates. Both "in situ" and "ex situ" breeding systems have been initiated by IPB-PRC; the "in situ" breeding facility of "Macaca fascicularis" on Tinjil Island is managed by IPB-PRC in collaboration with two Indonesian institutions: the Ministry of State of Population and Environment and the Perum Perhutani, and three U.S. institutions: the University of Washington Regional Primate Research Center, the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center, and the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at the Wake Forest University. The main goal of the program is to provide animal models for AIDS-related research. Two kinds of "ex situ" breeding systems are also initiated at IPB-PRC; the first is a facility to maintain a breeding colony of protected Indonesian primate species for the importance of their conservation, and the second is a facility to breed unprotected Indonesian primate species ("M. fascicularis" and "M. nemestrina") for their use as models in human diseases other than AIDS; (2) Biomedical research with primates as models. The facility conducts biomedical research using primates as models for human diseases. With the collaboration of the Bowman Gray School of Medicine, the study of plant estrogen to prevent atherosclerosis and osteoporosis is currently being conducted.

Training Opportunities: Short course training in handling and procurement of nonhuman primates as laboratory animals; this course is conducted to help veterinarians at related institutions in Indonesia. Short course training in nonhuman primate diseases and quarantine is conducted to help veterinarians at related institutions in Indonesia using primates as lab animals.

Comments: Primate Research Center at the Bogor Agricultural University

Last Updated: 2006-10-03

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