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Branch Konarovice (Established 1949)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program

Director: Jiri Dohnal
Phone: 42 (321) 766074   Fax: 42 (321) 766066  
Konarovice 279, Konarovice 28125 CZECH REPUBLIC
Institution: Research Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistry

Principal Research Programs: Reproduction and breeding; Primate growth and development; Primate welfare; Ontogeny of behavior; Blood biochemistry; Applied physiology; Pharmacology; Toxicology; Veterinary care

Training Opportunities: Training opportunities available for: Graduate, Postgraduate, Continuing Education; Program emphasis Ethology, Growth and development, Reproductive biology; Field work opportunities are not available; Financial support is not available

Number of Staff: 34

Supported Species: 193 Macaca mulatta (rhesus macaque)

Last Updated: 2003-07-18

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