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Cuban Section of Primatology (Established 1992)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program

Director: Caridad I. Fernandez
Phone: 53 (7) 215353   Fax: 53 (7) 332420  
Ave 25 No. 15805 el 158 y 160. Cubanacan Playa, Havana City, Havana 12100 CUBA
Affiliations: International Center of Neurologic Restoration; Academy Sciences ofCuba.

Mission: To group all the interested scientific researchers and co-workers (support staff and others) to develop and improve the scientific knowledge about primates, behavior, colony management and conservation.

Principal Research Programs: Cognition; Neurobiology of aging; Age-related behavioral changes (Social cognition); Reproductive biology and conservation; Neuropsychology

Number of Staff: 100

Associated Field Sites: International Center for Neurological Restoration, Havana - Behavior, Cognition, NHP as animal model of neurodegenerative disorders; Scientific Research Center - Social behavior, neuropsychology; Zoo Garden 26, Havana - Colony management and reproduction, longevity; CENPALAB, Havana - Colony magagement and reproduction; National Zoo - Colony management and reproduction

Publications: "Torreia" (Irregular frequency)

Last Updated: 1998-03-30

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