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Centro de Primatologia do Rio de Janeiro - CPRJ (Established 1975)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program

Director: Alcides Pissinatti
Phone: 55 (21) 589-3920   Fax: 55 (21) 289-7388   E-Mail:
Rua Fonseca Teles, 1221/1624, Rio de Janeiro 20940-200 BRAZIL
Affiliations: Fundacao Estadual de Engenharia do Meio Ambiente

Mission: Fundamental research in primate biology with relevance to endangered species and biodiversity.

Principal Research Programs: Management and nutrition; Reproduction; Pathology of neotropical primates; Comparative anatomy; Conservation; Ecology; Habitat restoration

Number of Staff: 12

Last Updated: 1998-03-30

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