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Laboratorio Tropical de Primatologia (LTP) (Established 1978)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program
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Director: Pedro Bias
Phone: 55 (83) 216-7471  
Universidade Federal da Paraiba / CCEN/DSE., Joao Pessoa, Paraiba 58.950-900 BRAZIL

Mission: The objectives of the LTP are research on social behavior, scent marking, infant development, and well-being. The LTP is also dedicated to the preservation and breeding of endangered species.

Principal Research Programs: Social behavior; Scent marking; Visual communication; Animal well-being; Infant development; Food sharing behavior; Cognition in "C. jacchus" and "C. geoffreyi"

Training Opportunities: Educational opportunities available for: Undergraduate, Graduate.; Field work opportunities are not available; Financial support is occasionally available.; NOTE: The LTP offers "Callithricidae" and "Cebidae" in excellent condition in captivity for noninvasive research.

Number of Staff: 9

Supported Species: 16 Ateles geoffroyi (Geoffroy's spider monkey), 8 Callithrix jacchus (common marmoset), 8 Callithrix kuhlii (Wied's marmoset), 6 Callithrix penicillata (black-pencilled marmoset), 26 Leontopithecus chrysomelas (golden-headed lion tamarin), 15 Saguinus midas (midas tamarin)

Last Updated: 2000-07-28

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