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Centro Nacional de Primatas (Established 1980)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program
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Director: Jose Augusto Pereira Carneiro Muniz
Phone: 55 (91) 255-1151   Fax: 55 (91) 255-0248  
BR-316 Km-7, PO Box 44, Ananindeua, Para CEP 67000 BRAZIL
Affiliations: Ministerio de Saude

Mission: Captive reproduction of South American primates for biomedical research and species preservation.

Principal Research Programs: Hematology; Clinical medicine; Parasitology; Reproduction; Ethology; Filiariasis; Nutrition

Training Opportunities: Programs for veterinary, biology, zoology and physiology students. Financial support is available for Brazilian students only.

Number of Staff: 21

Last Updated: 2000-06-26

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