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Núcleo de Primatologia (Established 1980)
Primate Center, Lab or Research Program

Director: L.F.S. Moreira
Phone: 55 (84) 206-1147   Fax: 55 (84) 231-9587  
PO Box 1511, Natal, Natal 59072-970 BRAZIL
Department: Psychobiology Center
Institution: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Affiliations: Sociedade Brasileira de Primatologia; Department de Fisiologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo; Department of Psychology - University ofReading, UK; Instituto Brasileiro de Assistencia ao Meio Ambiente

Mission: Study of social development and interactions, as well as some aspects of the chronobiology of behavior and physiological parameters in common marmoset, "Callithrix jacchus". Better understand the ontogeny and socio-ecological function of common marmoset vocalization, both wild and captive.

Training Opportunities: Educational opportunities available for: Undergraduate, Graduate, Continuing Education; Field work opportunities available; Program emphasis: Social organizaion; Sexual behavior; Circadian rhythmicity; Communication; Financial support occasionally available

Number of Staff: 53

Associated Field Sites: EFLEX/EBAMA Research site at Nisia Floresta, RN, Brasil; Mata de Estrela Biological Research, Baia Formosa, RN, Brasil

Supported Species: Callithrix jacchus (common marmoset)

Publications: "Annual Report"

Last Updated: 1998-03-30

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