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Vervet Monkey Foundation (Established 1991)
Web Site:

Director: Dave Du Toit
Phone: 083 4545 381   E-Mail:
PO Box 415, Tzaneen, Limpopo Province 0850 SOUTH AFRICA
Institution: Rehabilitation and Sanctuary
Affiliations: PASA, CARE, Wildlife rehab forum Limpopo

Mission: To study all aspects of the vervet monkey species; To provide a sanctuary for misplaced, injured and orphaned vervets; To develop a rehabilitation program to integrate vervets back into the wild; To become an advocate for the species; To lobby the government to change the status of this species; To provide information and assistance to the public; To educate the public how to live with vervet monkeys; to maintain a data-base on the status of this primate species. Present projects: Monkey Patrol, investigates problems with vervets in urbanisation, Monkey Census, tracking down vervet populations and doing counts.

Principal Research Programs: Rehabilitation; Diseases and their treatment; Role that this species plays in nature; Eating habits; Care and fostering of young; Vocalization and vocabulary; Educational programs, Census.

Training Opportunities: Our centre is ideal as an educational centre, and we provide a facility for veterinary students, vet nurses, and ethology studies, we also have an ongoing project to study parasites in vervets. We welcome any kind of studies that will help vervet monkeys in our centre or in the wild.

Number of Staff: 23

Associated Field Sites: Contact person: Dave Du Toit. Location of studies is in the Limpopo Province, but specifically in the Letaba Delta area. Crop damages, studies are done when complaints are received. Interaction with people, studies are done when complaints are received and solutions offered. (both of the above are ongoing.) Census, Limpopo Province.

Supported Species: 670 Chlorocebus pygerythrus (vervet)

Publications: news letter, [monthly] you can visit our web and subscibe from there.

Comments: The vervet monkey foundation is a registered non profit organisation: ref: 020 694 NPO also registered with the Department of Environmental Affairs Limpop Province.

Last Updated: 2009-03-02

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