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International Primate Protection League and IPPL Gibbon Sanctuary (Established 1973)
Animal Welfare Agency
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Director: Shirley McGreal OBE
Phone: 1 (843) 871-2280   Fax: 1 (843) 871-7988   E-Mail:
PO Box 766, Summerville, South Carolina 29484 UNITED STATES
Affiliations: Species Survival Network, International Union for the Conservation of Nature; Monitor Consortium

Mission: Conservation and protection of primates through operation of sanctuary for gibbons, support of overseas rescue centers and grassroots organizations, and monitoring primate trade.

Principal Research Programs: Trade data collection; Wildlife Crime Watch (case tracking); providing support to primate sanctuaries and primate action groups in South America, Africa, and Asia

Training Opportunities: No opportunities available

Number of Staff: 9

Supported Species: 32 Hylobates lar (lar gibbon)

Publications: "IPPL News" (triannual)

Last Updated: 2009-05-22

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