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Primate Factsheets

The Wisconsin National Primate Research Center has created this series of factsheets as a starting point to find information about the various primate species. Each PIN Factsheet covers one or more species, including morphology, ecology, behavior, and conservation with range maps, images, and an extensive glossary of terms to illustrate the text. New factsheets will be developed and added to this site on a regular basis.

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Species found in:

PIN Factsheet Alouatta macconnelli (Guyanan red howler)    [Versión en español]

Ateles (spider monkey)

PIN Factsheet Ateles paniscus (black spider monkey)

Cebus (capuchin monkey)

PIN Factsheet Cebus apella (tufted capuchin)    [Versión en español]

PIN Factsheet Chiropotes (bearded saki)

Pithecia (saki monkey)

Saguinus (tamarin)

PIN Factsheet Saimiri sciureus (common squirrel monkey)