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Primate Factsheets
About the PIN Factsheet Project

The PIN Factsheets project is an on-going effort to create a virtual "encyclopedia" of primates, providing both in-depth information about each primate species and access to other resources pertaining to that animal. Each Factsheet is extensively researched, cited, edited and proofread by WPRC Library & Information Service staff and finally, reviewed by an expert on the particular species. This process helps to ensure the accuracy and currency of each PIN Factsheet, two vital qualities of any information resource.

Numerous others have contributed either digital images or their expertise on a particular species to the project. Credit for these efforts can be found in photo and reviewer credits on each Factsheet and also here.

The development of the PIN Factsheets is supported by by grant numbers RR000167 and RR015311, National Primate Centers Program, National Center for Research Resources, the National Institutes of Health.

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