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University Level Course Syllabi

INTRODUCTION TO PRIMATOLOGY (Biol. 6996--Introductory Level)
Sharon File, University of Puerto Rico

INTRODUCTION TO PRIMATOLOGY (Biol. 6996--Introductory Level)
      	Course Coordinator:
      	Sharon File, Associate Professor
      	Department of Bilogy
      	University of Puerto Rico
      In cooperation with:
      Matt Kessler,Director
      Caribbean Primate Research Center
      P.O. Box 1053
      Sabana Seca, PR 00952-4035
      Telephone: 1-809-795-4035
      This course is taught through the Department of Biology at
      the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus. The
      emphasis of the course is on the rhesus monkey.
      Course description: Discussion of different topics on the biology
      (evolution, physiology, anatomy, behavlor and ecology) of a specific
      group of animals. In this case the group of animals will be non-human
      Requisitos: Biology 4440 is suggested but not required
      2 credits
      2 hours of lecture/ week ( TBA but an evening schedule with 2 hours of
      lecture 1 evening per week is planned) Several Saturday field trips are
      planned; field trip attendance is strongly encouraged but not required.
      This is a graduate level course which will be available to
      undergraduates with permission of the instructor. Upper level
      undergraduate students in biology and other areas of study are
      encouraged to enroll.
      Evaluations: There will be 2 written examinations (a midterm and a
      final) and a term paper: all three will determine the final grade.
      The CPRC has an air conditioned passenger van that
      accommodates about ten people. This can be used for the field
      trips along with our pickup truck or our personal vehicles that
      are registered for insurance purposes with the UPR.
      This course will be coordinated by Dr. Sharon File, Associate
      professor, Department of Biology (120JGD). Various lecturers will
      participate. Mainly, the staff and visiting scientists of the Carribean
      Primate Research Center. Each staff member will lecture in their area of
      expertise. Several videos will be presented and field trips taken.
      The following is a list of topics that will be discussed.
      1. Introduction to primates and a history of primate research in Puerto
      Rico. Dr. File and Dr. M. Kessler. Director of CPRC.
      2. The Caribbean Primate Resarch Center: Current resources and
      research. will be reviewed by Drs. Kessler and Berard.
      3. Taxonomy and embryology of primates. A video.
      4. Primate social systems. Dr. Bercovitch and Rhesus macaque behavior
      and biology ( Video tapes).
      5. Socioendocrinology of rhesus macaques reviewed by Drs. Bercovitch
      and Schwartz.
      6. Demography and Epidemiology of the Cayo Santiago Macaques. Dr.
      7. Skeletal Biology, anatomy and curation. Dr. Turnquist
      8. Husbandry-of non-human prlmates and growth development and
      nutrition. by Drs. Tena and Schwartz.
      9. Locomotor behavior of Rhesus monkeys Dr. Dunbar.
      10. Metabolism, obesity and carbohydrate metabolism of monkeys. Dr.
      11. Aging in nonhuman primates. Dr. Kessler, Turnquist and Schwartz.
      12. Diseases of primates, bacterial, viral and and parasitic. Drs. File
      and Tena
      13. The use of nonhuman primates in research and in the Aids-related
      resarch in particular. Dr. Williams.
      The following books are recommended for the course:
      Rawlins, R.G., Kessler, M.J. The Cayo Santiago Macaques:
      History Behavior and Bioloqy. State University of New York
      Press, Albany. Available in paperback for $14.95 from
      Cornell University Press, P.O. Box 250, Ithaca, NY 14851
      (607) 277-2211
      Proceedinqs of the Meetinq to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary
      of the Cayo Santiago Rhesus Monkey Colony. Puerto Rico
      Health Sciences Journal Vol. 8 (1), 1989. Available for
      $20.00 from Yvonne Acosta-Arbona, Managing Editor,
      P.R.H.S.J., UPR Medical Sciences Campus, G.P.O. Box 5067,
      San Juan, PR 00936 (809) 758-2525 ext. 1714
      Smuts, B.B. et al. (eds.), Primate Societies, The University
      of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL 60637, approximately $28.
      In addition to the above books, we will provide reprints or
      copies of selected articles when deemed appropriate.