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Employment Opportunities

People follow many different career paths in working with nonhuman primates, and they may hold a variety of jobs in the field. Depending on your training, your path might lead to a research laboratory, a zoological garden, a conservation agency, an exotic animal clinic, or an educational institution. Your work may require hands-on experience in a zoo or field (natural habitat) project, or you might find yourself working at the cellular level at a research facility. Those just starting out and exploring the possibilities of careers with primates should look for opportunities to work with animals, such as at the local zoo or through summer field programs and internships. In seeking a position, there is no substitute for experience, personal recommendations, or contacts.


Primate Info Net provides Primate-Jobs, which includes a range of listings including university, zoological gardens, volunteers and other venues. In addition to browsing available job postings, people seeking positions in primatology can fill out a Positions Wanted Submission Form. Some prospective employers scan this list to find qualified applicants, although you should never expect jobs to come looking for you. Listings are also available through an email list and RSS feed.

Other Resources

The following sites contain job listings or other information that are related to primatology, but not necessarily limited to the field.

Other places to look are the ASP Newsletter, American Zoo and Aquarium Association Communique, Animal Keepers Forum and the newsletters of various disciplines which relate to primatology -- the Monitor on Psychology (American Psychological Association), for example. Those with Ph.D.'s or with more experience should also check Science, Nature, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and other broad science journals.