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Careers in Primatology

The Careers in Primatology web site provides information to people considering a career path related to primate research, education, conservation or veterinary medicine and those already pursuing one. It includes general information on the wide range of primate-related jobs and careers available and educational and employment resources in primatology.

What Is a Primatologist?
Descriptions of different career paths written by actual primatologists. Also includes general pages about primatology and biographies of famous primatologists.
Education Programs
Information about graduate programs, veterinary schools, courses, distance education, and fieldwork.
Employment Opportunities
Information about where to seek job opportunities, including Primate-Jobs, and links to other job sites.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. What major should I choose in college?
  2. What classes should I take in college?
  3. What colleges offer primatology as a major? Which are good schools?
  4. What can you do to get into primatology if you have no experience or degree in the field?
  5. What can a high school student do to prepare for college?
  6. What do primatologists do?
  7. Where can I find out about internships and hands-on possibilities?
  8. Are there any Internet or distance learning programs in primatology?
  9. What is a field school?
  10. Where do I look for a job?
  11. What is the average salary for primatologists?
  12. What is the demand for jobs in primatology?
  13. Is there a primatologist I can interview about his/her perspective on the field?
  14. Is there an area of the field where I wouldn't have to work with captive animals?
  15. How many years of school will I need to be a primatologist? Will I need to go to graduate school?
  16. What should I do if I want to work with nonhuman primates and teach them sign language?
  17. How can I get a job training monkeys that help disabled people?