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Taxonomy Slide Index

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  1. Title Slide: The Primates - Taxonomic Classification - go to
  2. Human interacts with one monkey while other monkeys watch - photo taken in India. - go to
  3. World Map -- Primate Habitats (Areas in red indicate current non-human primate habitats.) - go to
  4. A sifaka (a member of the lemur family) clings to a tree. Photo taken in Madagascar. - go to
  5. An airborne lemur leaps between trees. - go to
  6. Young monkey nurses from mother while looking toward camera. - go to
  7. Small monkeys feeding in a tree. Although these animals are native to South America, this photo was taken in a Scottish woodland. - go to
  8. A South American monkey with an unusual red face laying on a tree branch. - go to
  9. A dark colored monkey extends the right foot (in foreground). Note position of toe. - go to
  10. Two gelada baboons sit on the ground in their dry African habitat. - go to
  11. A baboon walking in a grassy enclosure. - go to
  12. A red howler monkey uses his tail to climb up a tree in a South American rain forest. - go to
  13. A spider monkey hangs by her tail. - go to
  14. A mantled howler monkey from South America uses his tail and legs to hang in a 'reverse tripod' position in a tree. - go to
  15. A gibbon hangs by the arms from a rope and branch; this photo was taken in a zoo enclosure. - go to
  16. Chimpanzee walks on ground. - go to
  17. A large male lowland gorilla walking on the ground. - go to
  18. A female orangutan carries a young infant on her belly. - go to
  19. Graphic - Classification of the Order Primates - go to
  20. Title slide: The Prosimians Suborder: Prosimii - go to
  21. Graphic -- classification of the prosimians. - go to
  22. A closeup view of an aye-aye sitting on a branch. - go to
  23. Another closeup -- a tarsier clings to a piece of wood in an upright position. - go to
  24. A rear view of a loris. The animal is looking over one shoulder. - go to
  25. A very small bushbaby sits on the floor of a cage. - go to
  26. Map -- Lemur Habitats (Island of Madagascar in red.) - go to
  27. Small mouse lemur grasps the stalk of a green plant. - go to
  28. Mother lemur with youngster. The animals are sitting in a wood climbing structure in a captive setting. - go to
  29. Ring-tailed lemur sitting in a tree. Photo taken in a zoo. - go to
  30. A sifaka hanging upside-down feeds in a tree. - go to
  31. Title slide: The Platyrrhines (New World Monkeys) - go to
  32. Map -- New World Monkey Habitats - go to
  33. Graphic -- Classification of the New World monkeys - go to
  34. Closeup of a small monkey with white ear tufts sitting on a branch. - go to
  35. Small monkey with reddish fur on head sitting on a branch. Notice that she is holding an object in the right hand. - go to
  36. Monkey with white face in a threatening posture. Notice the large canine teeth. - go to
  37. Small monkey with a white "moustache" and red tail sits on a branch. go to
  38. Small red monkey with dark face sitting on diagonal branch. - go to
  39. Gray monkey with white "spectacles" feeding in a tree. - go to
  40. Black monkey with white face and shoulders feeds in a tree. - go to
  41. Spider monkey, suspended between two branches, holds on with hands, feet and tail. - go to
  42. Hanging by one arm and a tail, a muriqui feeds in a tree. go to
  43. Profile of a brown howler monkey. Animal is partly hidden behind leaves. - go to
  44. High in the trees sits a monkey with a red face and hairless head -- the bald uakari. go to
  45. Closeup of a saki -- notice the bouffant "hairdo" and the "beard". - go to
  46. Title slide: The Catarrhines (Old World Monkeys) Superfamily: Cercopithecoidea - go to
  47. Map -- Old World Monkey Habitats - go to
  48. Graphic -- Classification of the Old World monkeys - go to
  49. A black and white monkey with a luxuriant coat sits on the ground in a captive setting. - go to
  50. Two adult langurs sitting in a tree. The pale gray mother in front holds a brown infant. - go to
  51. A monkey with a very large nose sits in a tree. - go to
  52. Red monkey with a blue face sits in a sunbeam. - go to
  53. A gray mother with red and white markings on her face holds a curious infant. - go to
  54. A black monkey with a white 'beard' sitting in a tree. - go to
  55. Two red brown monkeys sitting on a fallen tree. The smaller female looks off to the side; the larger male with a black face looks toward the camera. - go to
  56. Split screen. Adult males from two different species of baboons. On the left is the darker olive baboon; on the right a gray hamadryas baboon. - go to
  57. Split screen view. On the top is the more subtly colored drill (but note the red lower lip), on the bottom is the colorful mandrill. - go to
  58. Red faced mother monkey holds a young infant in a zoo enclosure. - go to
  59. Closeup of a dark colored mother and child. - go to
  60. A family portrait. In the center is the old matriarch of this monkey family. Her adult daughters sit on either side holding their infants. - go to
  61. Title Slide: More Catarrhines (Apes) Superfamily: Hominoidea - go to
  62. Map -- Ape Habitats - go to
  63. Graphic -- Classification of the apes - go to
  64. Mother gibbon holding an infant. Note relative lengths of arms and legs, and lack of tail. - go to
  65. A black siamang, arms extended, calling. Notice the inflated hairless air sac beneath the chin. - go to
  66. Split-screen. Male orangutan on left, female carrying infant on right. - go to
  67. Split-screen -- two gorilla groups. On top, three mountain gorillas with silverback male in center (photo taken African forest), on the bottom lowland gorillas living in a zoo. - go to
  68. Two male chimpanzees stand shoulder to shoulder in a zoo enclosure. - go to
  69. A female bonobo holds a young infant. Note the pink lips and parted hair on the forehead which distinguish the bonobo from the chimpanzee. - go to
  70. Human child hangs by the arms from a climbing structure. Photo taken at a zoo. - go to
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