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48) Scientists use the term cercopithecids to refer to the family that includes all Old World monkeys.The Colobines and related leaf-eating monkeys make up one large group of Old World monkeys. A second group is called the Cercopithecines. These monkeys have cheek pouches which can be filled with food to be carried away, perhaps to be enjoyed at a safe location. Graphic -- Classification of the Old World monkeys
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Notes: Graphic -- Classification of the Old World monkeys
cercopithecids -- sir-ko-PITH-uh-sids
Colobines -- CALL-oh-bynes
Cercopithecines -- sir-ko-PITH-uh-seen
The terms leaf-eating monkeys and cheek pouch monkeys will be used in the rest of this section. The names of two sample species for each group are shown in this slide.
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