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Primate Taxonomy

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19) Scientific classification is a way of grouping together animals that have many similarities to each other. Primates as a group have no one distinguishing feature, but are characterized by a series of anatomical and behavioral similarities. Here we see a plan of how the Order Primates is divided into groups of species which are similar to each other. Notice the major division into Prosimians and Anthropoids (the group which includes all monkeys, the apes and humans). Graphic -- Classification of the Order Primates
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Notes: Graphic -- Classification of the Order Primates
Color code: Prosimians - green, New World monkeys - red, Old World monkeys - orange, Apes and humans - purple
At least one sample species is shown for each family in the Primate order, with common name above and scientific name below. Students may look at the four major divisions of the order Primates (Prosimians, New World monkeys, Old World monkeys and Apes) and notice that all monkeys, apes and humans belong to one group.
This graphic may be used as a handout.
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