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Primate Behavior Slide Index

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  1. Title Slide: The Primates - Behavior of Social Animals - go to
  2. Mother gorilla resting with infant on her chest in African habitat. - go to
  3. Mother balk uakari (a South American monkey) carries infant on her back. - go to
  4. Mother and infant spider monkeys (another South American species) resting in a tree. - go to
  5. Juvenile spider monkey looks at infant on mother's back. - go to
  6. Mother Japanese macaque holds nursing infant while troop member grooms her. - go to
  7. Human female carries an infant. - go to
  8. Title Slide: Primate Groups  Families  Bands  Troops - go to
  9. Family group of siamangs showing adult male (top), adult female (middle) and their offspring (bottom). - go to
  10. Group of mountain gorillas in African forest. - go to
  11. A group of female hamadryas baboons follow the large adult male in a zoo enclosure. - go to
  12. Three male chimpanzees sit together. Photo taken in a zoo group. - go to
  13. A group of stumptail macaques feeding. - go to
  14. Young chimpanzee extends arm in an invitation to play. - go to
  15. Group of ring-tailed lemurs wrestling. - go to
  16. Two human children play soccer. - go to
  17. Young chimpanzees at play in a zoo. - go to
  18. Two young gorillas play in the forest. - go to
  19. A young lowland gorilla plays with an older juvenile in a zoo. - go to
  20. In the foreground, a juvenile chimpanzee drags an infant. Adult female chimpanzees in background appear unconcerned, while another infant watches the play bout. - go to
  21. Title Slide: How do primates communicate? - go to
  22. Two rhesus monkeys wrestle. The animal on top (with head upside down) shows the open mouth play face. - go to
  23. A group of rhesus monkeys. One animal looks toward the camera. Photo taken in a zoo enclosure. - go to
  24. A mother rhesus macaque at center with her offspring responds to threats from two other monkeys. - go to
  25. Closeup of face of a golden snub-nosed monkey. - go to
  26. A golden snub nosed monkey yawns, showing large canine teeth. - go to
  27. An adult chimpanzee with back to camera begins to bow to a second chimpanzee. - go to
  28. Completion of the chimpanzee bow. - go to
  29. Three chimpanzees in a zoo enclosure. The adult male on the left facing the camera is getting ready to run by the animals on the right. - go to
  30. Adult male chimpanzee runs past two other chimpanzees. Edge of enclosure is marked by moat in the foreground. - go to
  31. Two adult male chimpanzees confront each other. Animal in the foreground stands bipedally and is piloerected. - go to
  32. Three chimpanzees on climbing structure in zoo enclosure. Piloerected animal in front had been displaying. Male in center is chasing him away. - go to
  33. Screaming chimpanzee crouches on the ground. - go to
  34. Three ring-tailed lemurs from a captive group stand with tails in 'question mark' position. Animals are wearing identification collars. - go to
  35. Two humans shake hands at an outdoor event. - go to
  36. A sifaka (related to the lemurs) rubs a scent-producing anal gland against the bark of a tree. - go to
  37. A cotton-top tamarin, a small South American monkey, sniffs at an odor-containing vial. This animal lives in a captive group used in studies of communication. - go to
  38. A brown howler -- a South American monkey -- faces right as it calls from a tree. Notice the enlarged lower jaw which allows this monkey to produce a loud, resonating call. - go to
  39. Adult male chimpanzee stands bipedally and hoots. - go to
  40. Title slide: friendly Behaviors  Contact is important to primates - go to
  41. Two young macaques from a mixed species captive group. The female stands quadrupedally while the male stands behind her. - go to
    • WARNING: The next four slides include graphic primate sexual behavior.
  42. An adult female stumptail macaque presents her genital area to an adult male. He will look, smell, touch and even taste her secretions to learn if she is ready to mate. - go to
  43. A female chimpanzee (lying on her side) presents her genitals to an adult male. Notice her genital swellings. - go to
  44. A male Japanese macaque mounts a female. - go to
  45. Later in the same sequence, the female Japanese macaque looks over her shoulder at the male. This often occurs when the male ejaculates. - go to
  46. Two adult Japanese macaques huddle together. - go to
  47. Two golden snub-nosed monkeys, living in a Chinese research facility, embrace. - go to
  48. A female Japanese macaque lies on her back while another animal grooms her. - go to
  49. An adult female hamadryas baboon (an African monkey) grooms an adult male. - go to
  50. Three long-tailed macaques sit together. The adult female in the center grooms a juvenile on the right. - go to
  51. A large group of long-tailed macaques, including some mothers holding infants on their bellies, sit together. An adult male in the top row is being groomed by two other animals. - go to
  52. Title slide: Unfriendly Behaviors  Threats, Displays, Fights - go to
  53. Adult female lowland gorilla (standing), living in a zoo group, stares at an opponent off-camera. A juvenile sits near her. - go to
  54. A female rhesus macaque holding an infant stares off camera at an opponent. - go to
  55. A pygmy marmoset, a South American monkey, viewed from the rear. - go to
  56. A fight between chimpanzees living in a zoo group. A female holding an infant, in the foreground, is attacked by an adult male behind her. She is screaming in submission. - go to
  57. A long-tailed macaque, on the right, shows wounds on the shoulder. - go to
  58. Adult male silverback mountain gorilla stands bipedally while displaying in an African forest. - go to
  59. A piloerected adult male chimpanzee shakes a branch while another animal watches. - go to
  60. Two mountain gorillas feed next to each other in the forest. - go to
  61. Members of two groups of African green monkeys threaten each other. - go to
  62. Two large troops of rhesus monkeys threaten each other. Notice that several females carrying infants are in the front ranks. - go to
  63. Hamadryas baboon groups come to blows at an African water hole. Adult males have long fur on their face and shoulders. - go to
  64. Humans in a professional football match. - go to
  65. Title Slide: Social Behavior  The Next Generation - go to
  66. Adult male lowland gorilla touches a young infant in a zoo enclosure. - go to
  67. Adult male saddleback tamarin carries a youngster on his back. - go to
  68. A rare photo. Twin male gorillas born in a zoo carry a younger animal who had been adopted by an adult female in their group. - go to
  69. An adult female chimpanzee wrestles with an unrelated youngster. - go to
  70. An older adult male human pushes a youngster in a stroller. - go to
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