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Gorilla gorilla gorilla

Gorilla gorilla gorilla

Photo: Rick Murphy

As a group of species, primates show a diversity in size and shape, hair length and coloring, movement and vocal calls that is breathtaking and spectacular. Use the links on this page to experience even the rarest of habitats and the animals inhabiting them.

Images from our Collections
View photographs selected from our collection nonhuman primate images.
Audio (Primate Vocalizations)
Hear calls and other sounds made by more than twenty different primate species.
Video & Webcams
Watch videos and live streaming via webcams
The Primates Slidesets / Online Tutorials
This educational resource includes images, annotated script, classroom activities, and more and is a great introduction to primates classroom use.
Primates in Art and Illustration Historical Image Collection
A selection of drawings and illustrations from our digital collection of natural history images.
Primates in Art and Illustration Artists' Directory
A list of artists with an interest in non-human primates.
Motion Pictures Featuring Monkeys and Apes
Films from Hollywood and other popular motion pictures in which primates make an appearance.

Other AV Resources