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Wisconsin Primate Research Center Library
Audiovisual Archive

Collection Scope

With support from the National Center for Research Resources, NIH, the Library of the Wisconsin Primate Research Center (WPRC) has developed an archive of materials relating to nonhuman primates. WPRC's Audiovisual Service collects and makes available for loan audiovisual materials that support scientific research, teaching and conservation. The collection includes a variety of formats, but the primary focus is on videotapes, audiotapes and slides. Within its scope are audiovisual materials on living and fossil primates, primatologists, primate facilities, veterinary and animal husbandry, research methodologies, and zoo design. The long-range goals of the project are to provide a scientific base for new studies, to assist in the preservation of the vocal and behavioral repertoire of nonhuman primates, and to serve as a repository for archival materials.

How To Borrow From The WPRC AV Collection

If you wish to borrow any item(s) from the audio-visual collection of the Wisconsin Primate Research Center, please see WPRC Interlibrary Loan. When requesting items, please give item call numbers and titles, when known. Also be prepared to give us a telephone number and an institutional street address (all items are sent FedEx second day or other express mail service only, PO Box numbers are not acceptable). If you do not have an institutional address, please request videos through the interlibrary loan at your local library.

Please schedule items as far in advance as possible, so your needs can be coordinated with those of others.

Circulation Policy

1) Responsibility for proper handling, storage and safe return of the loaned items lies with the borrower. Replacement costs for lost or damaged items will be at the borrower's expense. All films, videotapes and audiotapes must be rewound before they are returned. All text or script materials accompanying AV materials must be returned.

2) All materials in the collection of the Wisconsin Primate Research Center Library are copyright protected and cannot be duplicated, reproduced, televised, transmitted or stored for later retrieval in whole or in part without the written permission of the copyright holder. The borrower assumes full responsibility for observing the copyright laws (U. S. Code Title 17). The user may not collect a donation, contribution, admission fee or rental charge for the showing of these materials. If you want permission to use an item for publication, you will be put in contact with the copyright holder.

3) All uses of materials from the collection must cite the photographer or producer of the piece used, the Wisconsin Primate Research Center Audio-Visual Service, and support from NIH Grant No. RR00167.

4) The Borrower's Agreement must be signed and returned with the borrowed item. This agreement protects the Library from any legal action brought against a user as a result of copyright violations by the user of materials from the WPRC Library.

5) The Primate Center Library should be reimbursed for all service fees as indicated on the invoice which accompanies the loaned item(s). Please make checks payable to the Wisconsin Primate Research Center.

6) When returning items, use UPS, Federal Express, or other express delivery service in the United States. Foreign borrowers may use Federal Express or insured air mail. All mailed items must be insured.

Service Fees

Fees for Borrowing Slide Materials:

$5.00 for the first slide. If more than one slide is requested per order, each additional slide costs 50 cents. For example, 10 slides costs $9.50.

Fees for Borrowing Non-slide materials:

$12 per item. at one time.

Payment must be made by check only. We cannot accept cash or credit card orders.

On-site borrowers may check out items for free.

How You Can Contribute to the WPRC AV Collection

You can help in developing the WPRC primate audiovisual collection. The principal intent of the collection is to preserve the audiovisual record of nonhuman primates, many of which are threatened or endangered. Material in the collection is available for loan, and is intended to support research and education through a pooling of resources.

Materials developed both in the field and in institutional settings are welcome. Both edited and unedited audiovisual items are considered within scope.

Contributors to the WPRC are acknowledged in the Archive web pages of PIN. Contributed items are described and abstracted in the video catalog. Contributions of commercially produced items are also welcome. Listing commercial items can be a valuable source of inexpensive promotion and publicity. In addition, contributed copies in the WPRC Library can generate interest in the items and lead to additional sales.