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Primates in Art and Illustration
Artists' Directory

Following is a list of artists who are currently working or have worked in various media and have an interest in nonhuman primates. Many of these artists submitted work for the exhibit Primates In Art and Illustration which was held at the University of Wisconsin -- Madison, in conjunction with the joint congress of the International Primatological Society and American Society of Primatologists in 1996. Over eighty artists submitted works for this juried show and all were offered the opportunity to be listed on Primate Info Net, the Web site of the Wisconsin Primate Research Center which hosted the event with the Wisconsin Union Directorate.

The purpose of this listing is both to promote the depiction of nonhuman primates in art and to provide a convenient source of information for those who wish to purchase or commission their work.

Any artist whose work focuses on nonhuman primates is welcome to submit materials for this web site. Information should be similar to the attached entries, and should include an e-mail address and/or web site address (if available). A representative work should be sent either in photo or digital form.

Send materials to: Ray Hamel, Primates in Art and Illustration, Wisconsin Primate Research Center, University of Wisconsin, 1220 Capitol Court, Madison, WI 53715-1299. Telephone: 1-608-263-3512; Fax: 1-608-263-4031

Planning an exhibit?

Artists listed in the Primates in Art & Illustration Artists' Directory or others who plan to hold exhibitions of their work depicting primates should send exhibit information to the above contact and have the event listed on the Primate Info Net Calendar.

Artists' Directory
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by C. P. Brest Van Kempen
"Red-Backed Squirrel Monkeys in Heliconia"
by Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen