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Griffith | Illustrations 1-20

Pug Faced Monkey
The Pug Faced Monkey
Hapales doguin

Shagged Monkey
The Shagged Monkey
Simia villosa

Orang Otan
The Orang Otan
Simia satyrus

The Douroucouli
Simia trivirgata
From Humboldt

Four-Fingered Monkey
Four-Fingered Monkey
Le Coata
Simia paniscus

Vaulting Monkey
The Vaulting Monkey
L'Ascagne ou Blanc Nez

Palatine Monkey
The Palatine Monkey
Rolowai or Palatine

The Chimpanzee Jocko
Simia troglodytes

Fox-Tailed Monkey
The Fox-Tailed Monkey
Var. Le Yarke

Varied Monkey
The Varied Monkey
La Mone. Simia mona

Spotted Monkey
The Spotted Monkey
Le Mona

Proboscis Monkey
The Proboscis Monkey
Le Nasique ou Kahau

Great Eared Monkey
Great Eared Monkey
Simias midas

Red Tailed Monkey
The Red Tailed Monkey
Le Pinche. Simia oedipus, var.

The Chimpanzee

Orang Otan
The Orang Otan
Simias Satyrus