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Squirrel Monkeys -- Basic Infomation and Diet

      Saimiri sciureus, Saimiri sp.
      The species is diurinal.
      Average head and body length of an adult is 25-37 cm (male); 23-29 cm
      Average weight of an adult is 0.5 kg.
      Their locomotory pattern is quadrupedal walking and leaping.
      Adults in the wild frequently make jumps of approx 1 meter.
      Social structure is non-monogamous and non-solitary.
      Less than 5% of the studied populations are solitary males.
      Group size varies around 23-54 individuals.
      Number of adult males within one groups is >1.
      Males transfer between groups.
      Individuals transfer between groups or are sexually mature, from 2.5-4
      years of age.
      Intergroup encounters are tolerant.
      The species lives in dense habitat.
      The species is arboreal
      They usually sleep on a branch and do not build a nest.
      Their food consists of fruits, leaves, insects, small animals.
      The species is a seasonal breeder.
      (from: Griede, T. Guidelines for adequate housing and care of non-human
      primates in zoos. Natl Fndation for Research in Zoological Gardens, POB
      20164, 1000 HD Amsterdam, 1989)
      For 1 animal. Fruits and veggies should be cut into pieces appropriate
      for the monkey's small hands. New World Monkey Chow can be soaked in
      Marmoset jelly or fruit juice. Moist foods can be sprinkled with a
      vitamin mineral powder such as Vionate. (approx 1/4 tsp per animal per
      day). Food should be offered at set times of the day.
      1 oz canned primate diet (cut in small pieces) Zupreem, Science Diet
      4 pieces of soaked New World Monkey Biscuit (Mazuri, Spectrum, Purina,
      1/8 apple
      2 slices of banana 1/2'd
      2 grapes 1/2'd
      1 TBS diced orange
      1/2 slice sweet potato (chopped)
      1 1/2 TBS lettuce mix* (Romaine, cabbage & celery)
      4 primate biscuits (soaked in orange juice/m.jelly)
      8 peanuts
      1 TBS sunflower seeds
      1" piece of carrot - chopped
      1/8 slice of whole wheat bread cubed
      4 snow peas
      2 slices of banana 1/2'd
      1 TBS diced orange
      4 green beans cut
      1/~ hard boiled egg with shell (cut up)
      1 TBS corn (thawed frozen or fresh)
      5 peanuts
      1 TBS sunflower seeds
      1 heaping TBS avocado
      few sprigs of parsely
      1 heaping TBS black-eyed peas (shelled)
      1/2 slice turnip
      1 oz canned primate diet (cut in small pieces)
      4 primate biscuits (soaked in fruit juice or M.jelly)
      1/4 slice whole wheat bread cubed
      occasional cricket (cricket should be dusted in vionate) as a treat.
      * Lettuce mix ingredients are placed in a chopper and mixed. Use long
      and thin pieces.
      Other treats occassionally: soaked raisins, other types of fruit -
      portion of treat/day should be less than 1 teaspoon in volume!