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At each pet primate's first vist, we recommend

      PHYSICAL EXAMINATION -- Included are checks of such items as the
      weight, eyes, ears, chest, throat and skin. At this time, the owner
      and doctor can discuss health, behavior, nutrition and how to enjoy
      your pet. Some primates require sedation or anesthesia to complete
      the physical portion of the evaluation. We have special equiptment
      in the clinic to help this go as smoothly as possible. Discuss this
      aspect with the Doctor at your earliest opportunity.
      MICROBIOLOGY -- to make sure that the pet is not harboring abnormal
      numbers or types of bacteria in the digestive tract.
      FECAL CONCENTRATION TEST -- to screen for nematode and other internal
      parasites. To accomplish this, droppings can be collected into a
      closed, refrigerated container until 1/2 teaspoonful or more of
      fresh specimen is collected. The sample is then delivered to the
      clinic quickly to assure accurate results.
      TU8ERCULOSIS TEST -- to make sure your pet is not harboring this dread
      SEROLOGIC SURVEY PANEL -- is customized for your monkey's place of
      origin, African, Asian or New world, and a separate panel for apes.
      This test is of vital importance to your pet and your family to make
      sure that your pet does not harbor dangerous, deadly viruses such as
      Herpes-B, Simian Aids etc.
      DIRECT FECAL TEST for pets which may be harboring tiny one-celled
      protozoan parasites such as Giardia and Trichomonads.
      TRANSPONDER SCANNING to determine or confirm the alphanumeric
      identification number being implanted in growing numbers of valuable
      pets. NOTE: This scanning is complimentary, so be sure to ask for it
      at your primate's first visit!
      BLOOD PANEL to evaluate the blood cell counts, blood chemistries to
      check for a wide variety of conditions, including anemia,
      dehydration, liver or kidney disease, and several other often hidden
      health issues.
      X-RAYS are a great help in establishing good, detailed "baselines".
      Annual rechecks include the physical exam and any other tests which
      are indicated at the time.
      (January 1992)
      Prepared by Exotic Pet and Bird Clinic, 903 Fifth Avenue,
      Kirkland, WA 98033  Telephone:  (206) 827-6613