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About the Primates

Audiovisual Resources
Information about the videotape and slide collection of the WPRC Library and related AV resources.
PIN Factsheets
In-depth species-specific information including home range, habitat, physical description, behavior and conservation status.
The Primates Slideset / Online Tutorials
A three-part slide set introducing the topics of primate behavior, primate conservation, and primate taxonomy. Available online or as a loan for classroom use.

Anatomy and Physiology
Information on nonhuman primate body systems and structures.
Behavior and Ecology
Information about the behaviors of nonhuman primates, including cognition, learning and social behavior.
Links to information on biodiversity, bushmeat, ecotourism and other factors affecting the survival of primates in the wild.
Resources on the fossil evidence of the evolution of nonhuman primates and early man.
Myths, Tales and Legends
Resources about missing links, mythical creatures and cryptozoology.
Information about diseases that affect nonhuman primates.
Physiology and Developmental Biology
Reference values and statistics about the body systems of nonhuman primates.
Primates as Pets
People considering private ownership of primates should seek advice before making their decision. Here are links to sites containing information for people who have, or are considering, primates as pets.
There is no universal agreement on a single primate taxonomy, so several taxonomic resources are available here.