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About Primate Info Net

Primate Info Net (PIN) is maintained by Lawrence Jacobsen Library staff at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC), University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jacobsen Library programs are and have been supported by grant numbers RR000167 and RR015311, National Primate Research Centers Program, Office of Research Infrastructure Programs and previously the National Center for Research Resources, the National Institutes of Health.

Questions, comments or suggestions of additional content for PIN can be sent through our PIN Contact Form.

Primate Info Net is designed to cover the broad field of primatology, providing original content and links to resources about nonhuman primates in research, education and conservation. Through email lists and other resources, PIN also supports an informal "primate information network" comprised of thousands of individuals around the world working with nonhuman primates in a variety of roles.

PIN began in 1995 as a Gopher site and transitioned to a World Wide Web site in 1996. The site now links to over 8000 pages, receiving over 18.6 million web hits in 2008. Over the years, dozens of individuals have contributed their time and expertise to the development of PIN, and we would like to thank them:

David Abbott
Jeanne Altmann
Sylvia Atsalis
Karen Bales
Stephane Barbe
Adrian Barnett
Kristen Barron
Fred Bercovitch
Ramesh Boonratana
Sarah Boyle
Claud A. Bramblett
Linda Brent
Frances Burton
Tom Butynski
Richard W. Byrne
John Capitanio
Laura McMahon Chervenak
Sylvia Corte
Carolyn Crockett
Stella de la Torre
Gabriela de Luna
Frans de Waal
Eric Delson
Robin Dunbar
Karin Enstam
Peter Fashing
Eduardo Fernandez-Duque
Helena Fitch-Snyder
Sylvain Gatti
Colin Groves
Nanda Grow
Tara Harris
Marie-Claude Hepp-Reymond
Victoria Horner
Sue Howell
Kevin Hunt
Simon Husson
Reinhold Hutz
Laurie Kauffman
Margaret Kinnaird
Joanna Lambert
Jean-Baptiste Leca
Gary Linn
Gabriele Lubach
Lesleigh Luttrell
Jessica Lynch Alfaro
Dario Maestripieri
W. Scott McGraw
Alan Mootnick
Liza Moscovice
Stephen Nash
Leanne Nash
Ryne Palombit
Erik Patel
Lori Perkins
Odile Petit
Andrew Petto
Leila Porter
Joyce Powzyk
Jackie Pritchard
Alissa Pruess
Becky Raboy
Jan Ramer
Lisa G. Rapaport
Viktor Reinhardt
Renmei Ren
Nancy Ruggeri
Anthony Rylands
Michelle Sauther
Anne Savage
David Seelig
Juan Carlos Serio-Silva
Joanna Setchell
Charles Southwick
Eleanor Sterling
Tara Stoinski
Karen Strier
Linda L. Taylor
Sarah Turner
Hideo Uno
Steve Veloff
Elaine Videan
Dionisios Youlatos
Toni Ziegler

We'd also like to thank the many student assistants, volunteers and other employees at the WNPRC past and present (and future) who have played a role in PIN's development:

Sterling Anderson
Erica Andrist
Bob Becker
Melissa Browne
Neal Chen
Christopher Cliff
Kaye Crampton
Tanner Dabel
Rebecca Dallwig
Josh Dircks
Paul DuBois
Kurt Gron
Matt Hoffman
Larry Jacobsen
Derek Johnson
Joe Kemnitz
Kristina Cawthon Lang
Kara Lascola
Jordana Lenon
Bryan Lenz
Valerie Love
Tom Lynch
Arthur Mask
Casey Massino
Jason Mielens
Greg Nass
Jonathan Nelson
Karissa Pabst
Alissa Pruess
Ryan Rau
Cynthia Robinson
Emily Rothwell
Diane Rowe
Kay Scanlan
Paul Schechter
Heather Swartz
Leah Ujda
Jayne Vanderwerker
Diana Wheeler
Jack Williams